Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Outdoor Learning

Children can spend a larger amount of time outdoors than we first think. At Ladycross, outdoor learning is carefully planned.

Early Years children have a large outdoor area with grass and slopes, a soft play area, sand pit, climbing frame, wheeled toy and ball games area to make full use of. There are also resources to develop den building and construction. Plans are in place to extend play from nursery to reception ensuring that all children are developing their skills both indoors and out. Children who enjoy learning outdoors will develop their maths and literacy skills outdoors, as this is where they learn best.

In Key Stage 1, the children have activities that extend their capabilities. There is a more ambitious climbing frame, encouraging climbing, sliding and scrambling. Huts made from wicker are designed to encourage role play. A games trolley holds resources that develop ball skills, skipping, throwing and catching, and co-ordination. Children also develop their scooter skills. The School Travel Plan team from Derbyshire County Council have trained children to scoot to school. Our children have the opportunity to practise their skills through scooters being made available at lunch and breaktimes. We have worked closely with the county School Travel Plan team to pilot resources that have been showcased county wide, regionally and nationally.

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