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Welcome to Class 7's Page!


We are Mrs Robertson, Mrs Hooley and Mrs Latimer and we work in Class 7. We want all the children in Class 7 to fell happy and excited about coming to school. We have lots of exciting things planned for this year and are excited to see you all on Monday 6th September 2021!


"I'm so small." said the mole. "Yes," said the boy. "But you make a big difference." by Charlie Macksey


Mrs Robertson Mrs Hooley
Mrs Robertson Mrs Hooley Mrs Latimer

Year 2 Class 7


Year 2 are the oldest children at Ladycross Infant School. The curriculum is very exciting and varied to grasp the children's attention and give them a real love of learning. The children spend each morning working on their Phonics, English and Maths skills. During the afternoons we explore Topic work which is often linked to English, for example, the children might be writing a letter linked with their history topic or a diary entry linking to our fantastic topic The Great Fire of London.

They learn about The Great Fire of London, Islam and Judaism in RE, India, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the stories of C.S.Lewis, nocturnal animals and many more exciting topics.

We ensure that the children have many visitors to make their learning exciting, some examples of this are, during The Great Fire of London topic we have a drama group in to reenact the key events of the great fire and give the children a real insight into what happened. They bring in fantastic costumes and props which get the children really engaged and enthusiastic. During our India topic we have a catering company come into school and cook Indian food with the children, the children often surprise themselves with how much they enjoy cooking and eating the food they've prepared. 

In Year 2 we deliver bespoke phonic sessions, based on Rocket Phonics, using materials and activities we know, through experience, have a positive impact for our pupils. We also use ‘Read Write Inc Spelling’, a short spelling programme designed to boost the spelling abilities of our year 2 pupils. 

A normal day in Class 7:

9.00-9.15 Registration. Children come in to morning work. 

9.15-9.45 Maths Learning session  

9.45-10.00 Assembly

10.00-10.20 Maths work 

10.20-10.40 Phonics

11.00-12.00 English

12.00-1.00 Lunch 

1.00-1.05 Register 

1.05-1.15 Handwriting practise 

1.15-2.00 Topic session 1 

2.00-2.45 Topic session 2 

2.45-3.00 Story 

3.00 Home time 

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday.

Here is some examples of the fantastic work the children have produced in Class 7:


Year 2 children have now done their phonics screening check, this is normally done in Year 1 but due to Coronavirus, it moved to Term 2 of Year 2 for 2020. 

Here is a past check from 2018: 

The children have to read a selection of psuedo words (alien words) which they will only know through phonetically decoding them correctly alongside real words. Please see the example below. 

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