Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Scoot to School!


Children at Ladycross have been involved in scooter training. This was part of our continuing work about travelling smart to school. Children can walk, car share, use the bus, and even come on their scooter! All children in school were trained to use their scooter with care, being taught to glide, brake and stop, and weave through cones, so they would have good scooter skills if they travelled to school by this method.

Scooters are available at playtimes so that children can continue to practise their skills.

We are encouraging a more healthy and greener way of travelling to school than coming in a car. Children can scoot to school – see our Scooter Smart Code.

A number of staff from other primary schools visited Ladycross to see the scooter training in operation.

A group of children demonstrated and answered questions about scooting to school. If you are a school that would like to get involved in scooter training, please get in touch.

See more details of our scooter project at


Meet the Travel Smart Crew

We’re the Travel Smart Crew! Here we are with Mrs Latimer and some of the children, helping them to be Scooter Smart.

Scooting to school is a great way to keep fit and help the environment. Ladycross has scooter storage so why not try and make your journey to school by scooter?

If you do, make sure you read the Scooter Smart Code to help you arrive safely at school.

If you are arriving at school on dark mornings or leaving on a dark afternoon, click here to find out more and read a story about keeping safe by being bright.

We look forward to working at Ladycross with you again soon!


Best wishes,

Richard and Rob

Scooters For School Scheme

Are you thinking of buying a micro-scooter or any micro-scooter accessories for your child?

If you are – you can also help raise some money for school at the same time!

We have joined the Scooters For Schools scheme which means for every purchase you make at school will get 10% of the sale.

All you need to do is enter our Unique Reference Number (URN) 112614 at the website checkout.

There is no minimum order value – so every penny spent will help towards raising money for our school.

Thank you for helping if you can!

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