Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Visits and Visitors

As part of offering a wide curriculum, we make sure children have experiences that are memorable and are linked to the children’s learning. We plan exciting visits and visitors to widen the children’s experiences.

 Healthy Week visitors

– School nurse team

– Travel Smart team and scooter training

– Chris the personal trainer

– Derby County football club football coaches

– The local PCSO

– Railway Safety Officer

Early Years

– A visit to a farm, zoo or sealife centre

– Theatre company in school at Christmas


In Year 1

– Visit to Sherwood Forest and learning about Robin Hood

– Visits to the church as a place of worship.

– Theatre company in school at Christmas

– Robin Hood drama day in school

– Edwardian seaside drama day in school


In year 2

– Visiting the Hindu mandir – sweet tasting, wedding ceremony, diva lamps

– Visit to Alton Towers

– Visit to Ladycross house to sing for the residents

– Multi skills festival at Freisland

– Visit to Erewash gymnastics competition

– Evacuee day at Ladycross

– Theatre company in school at Christmas with follow up workshops

– Great Fire of London drama day

– First aid training day with St John’s Ambulance

– Fire brigade and fire engine visit

– Avago crafts visiting for a sculpture day

– Choir visit to Treetops Hospice to sing for the residents


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