Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Higher Attainers


Some children will be above average in their attainment than others. At Ladycross, as we assess and track children’s progress, we look for indicators that show if a child is a higher achiever. We then plan in further activities and extension work to ensure that they keep making good progress at their own level. This may mean teaching objectives that stretch children, or widening their experiences through giving them challenges and require them to use their learning in different contexts.

Children can be higher attainers in reading, maths, writing, technology, science, music, gymnastics, sports, art, dance, P.E. and any other area of school life. Staff will discuss your child’s abilities informally with you, as well as on parent consultation days. We carefully monitor more able children’s progress and will work with you to ensure their needs are met.

A website about inspiring more able learners you could explore is

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