Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Welcome to Class 2's Page!


Hello everybody, welcome to Class 2 with Miss Bourne and Miss Millichip, who work in Class 2 full time. We also have the pleasure of introducing Miss Tyson who also joins us some afternoons. We strive to make sure school is as exciting, intriguing and welcoming to everybody as possible. We encourage all our children to be as enthusiastic towards learning as we are by looking at a variety of topics throughout the year that aim to inspire our young learners to be the best they can be.

Miss Bourne <br/> Teacher

Miss Bourne


Miss Millichip <br />Teaching Assistant          Miss Tyson <br />Teaching Assistant

                                                      Miss Millichip                                Miss Tyson

                                                                     Teaching Assistant                        Teaching Assistant



A typical day Class 2...

9:00 - Register, do the calendar and visual timetable

9:05 - Letters and sounds

9:20 - Literacy input

9:35 - Group work, choosing/discovery time indoor/outdoor

11:00 - Maths input

11:30 - Lunch time

12:30 - Register, Dough disco/ Squiggle me into a writer

12:45 - Topic input

13:00 - Group work, choosing/discovery time indoor/outdoor

14:15 - Snack and chat

14:30 - Story time and get ready for home time

14:50 - Home time


Our PE day is a Friday.

We also join for a whole school celebration assembly on a Friday afternoon (via Zoom).

Meet Pip...

I live in class 2 and get up to fun things. I like to play tricks on the children and hide in lots of places in the classroom. The children enjoy writing about what I have been up to that week.

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