Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Science Week 2021: Activities and Work


Year 1 investigating:


Class 3 (Year 1 & 2 children) inventing their own crayons and designing posters for our competition:


Year 2 invented their own Robo-bugs with special abilities to make life better or easier for people:

Nursery exploring and experimenting:

Reception rocket explosion predictions and experiment:

Predictions for coke experiment.JPG

Reception children inventing their own rocket and measuring how far they can make it go:

Poster Competition:

Our winner was Robyn Lowe (Class 8) who designed an electric dragon fly Robo-bug, with stamps on its feet to help teachers mark work!

Our runners-up were: 

Flying Lamborghini  designed by Ciaran Thompson (Class 2)

Robot that helps me get dressed everyday by Thea Huthwaite (Class 4)

Family scooter by Laughlan Simpson (Class 5)

Trolley Taker by George Gabbitas (Class 6)

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