Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

British Science Week 2022

This year British Science Week was on the theme of "Growth". We decided to spend the week thinking about the Enquiry Question "What could I be when I grow up?" A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers who came in to do workshops with the children - our Ladycross pupils loved them all! The children were a real credit to us all and it was wonderful to see them so engaged, curious and thoughtful.

Our Poster Competition winners...

To finish the week we had an Aspirations Day, where the children dressed as what they wanted to be when they grew up. We were so impressed by the children's thoughtful talk as to why they had chosen those fields, careers and jobs!



Emergency Services 

Pupil voice: The paramedic was my favourite. She bandaged us up. I liked meeting the police. We saw their car. I liked watching the firemen spray the water. 


Pupil voice: I loved meeting the Doctor, she has something called a stethoscope where we could listen to out heartbeats. 

She was really was really friendly an answered all of our questions. 

She had all her tools with her that we could look at and use. 

Structural Engineer

Pupil voice: "We learnt about engineering and finding out which tower was the strongest." 

Health Researcher

Pupil voice: I really enjoyed doing the fair test and learning about fair testing. The video was good!

Construction Planner

Pupil voice: "I liked when we had to put the towers up. The towers were really tall. Amie helped us fix the tower because it kept falling down! She's a bit like an architect - she's a construction planner,"

Design Engineer

Pupil voice: "I liked making the chocolate eggs because I could eat them at home. I liked when we watched about how to make the kayak and the robot was spinning around. We were a chocolate machine and we had to spin around to make the chocolate egg."

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