Ladycross Infant and Nursery School


Science in Action


Click here to find out about the life cycle of our Ladycross fish!

 We have created a Nature Garden, with lots of opportunities for scientific exploration (including a dedicated water area for frogs!) Click here to find out more!



Pupil Voice


 "I liked Science Week. We made popcorn and  cream from butter - we put the lid on and shook it! The things inside kept bumping into each other. We designed inventions - mine was a racing car that could do jobs around the house like cut the grass for mummy and daddy as their lawn mower is broken. The teachers help us to sort out the experiments. Science is fun and great!" - Y1 pupils


"I like getting messy and experimenting with different things, like how things can explode and they go everywhere! I loved the rocket mice experiment. Giving us lots of facts about things helps us learn, and so does doing the experiment and finding out what happens - and asking our friends for help. I like thinking how to do things differently in my own way. You can't give up - you have to have a growth mindset." - Y2 pupils


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