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Early years

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Early Maths

In Early years we use Numberblocks and Power Maths to support our learning in Maths. 

In Early Years we are using the counting collections idea from the Maths hub to support children's learning of number within 22-36, 30-50 and 40-60 months. The children work in small groups to practise estimation, counting accurately 1:1, mark making for recording how many and recognition of numerals. 

Children are learning Maths all the time through a wide variety of play experiences. In Early years mathematical concepts are developed through sand and water, imaginative play, dough, books and rhymes, physical play and nature. We encourage children to develop their skills through good quality continuous provision.



We teach balanceability sessions in Nursery. Balanceability is the UK's first accredited 'Learn to cycle' programme for children aged 2 and a half to 6 years old.

In practicing gross and fine motor skills, the children grown strength, develop new skills and enjoy increased confidence levels in the face of new challenges.




Early Mark making

We use the squiggle whilst you wiggle programme to support early writing. The children use gross motor movements in the air which is then transferred to paper, chalkboards and in malleable materials. This is followed on by Squiggle me into a writer in Reception where the movements help to develop letter formation. 

We use dough disco across the Foundation stage, to support children to strengthen their finger muscles both as taught sessions and in continuous provision. Children are given many opportunities to pinch, squeeze, twist in different fine motor activities to build strength and co-ordination.  



Early Reading

It is crucial for children to develop a life-long love of reading. In Early years we believe it is important to build strong foundations to enable the development of language and literacy.

Children are able to build a breadth of vocabulary through reading and listening to stories. Reading frequently to children is so important and our topics use stories as a vehicle for questioning and developing understanding of our weekly focus.

Listening to stories helps children to hear how reading sounds, develops vocabulary, teaches print reads from left to right and carries meaning.

In Nursery we follow phase one phonics and in Reception the children move through the stages up to phase four.

We use Rocket phonics in Reception to teach phonics and we use the Rocket phonics reading scheme developed by Rising Stars .In Nursery we use Super sounds to teach phase 1 phonics.

Each class has a Bedtime bear who goes home for stories with a different child each day. The children are encouraged to talk about the stories they have read with him.

In Early years we sing lots of Nursery rhymes and songs as this helps children to develop an understanding of rhyme and rhythm.









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