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Ladycross Infant and Nursery School are delighted to announce that we are becoming a 'No Outsiders' school. 

‘No Outsiders’ is an approach created by  Andrew Moffatt who is an Assistant Headteacher at Parklands school, Birmingham in response to ensuring that the equality Act 2010 is taught effectively. The aim of the programme, which we are adopting here at Ladycross, is to ensure that our ethos  is one where every member of the school community, as well as every visitor through our doors, feels welcome and able to be themselves without fear of discrimination. Please click the link below to hear more from Andrew Moffatt.

Please click the link below to access our parent meeting PowerPoint.

No outsiders parent workshop pp.pptx

 We will approach this by engaging in weekly assemblies that focus on engaging photos which will be used to open up discussions and debate. These photos will be shared with families via Dojo on a weekly basis. We will also  read a number of key texts in each year group. These age-appropriate books with help to generate class discussions. A list of these books and the focus of each book can be seen below:

EYFS Books

Book Focus

Year 1 Books

Book Focus

Year 2

Book Focus

We all like different things   Accept who you are.  

What does Diversity mean?

We like different things, we are friends.   Being proud of  family and identity.

I can play with anyone, nobody should be left out.

All families are different.  

We do things differently, we can learn from each other

We are all different and we work together in our class.

Boys and girls can play together  

Talk about our families

What is adoption, what is a family?

Say hello to different children in the class.  

We all are all different and we all belong in the world.

Talk about disability and our own needs.

Accept who you are.  

Disabilities mean our bodies work in different ways

We adapt to meet others’ needs (sign language).


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