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British Science Week 2021 - Innovating for the Future  

Theme and Poster Competition

The theme  of British Science Week is ‘Innovating for the future’ so we will be exploring new ideas, devices and methods that have made life easier or better for people.   We are running a poster competition in school and Friday's topic session is to create your poster, either at home or at school.  There will be prizes for the most creative entries!  Ideas for the poster could include: drawing and labelling your own invention for the future, showing why it would make life better; researching famous inventions by children or adults; researching famous inventors; researching people who work in a particular area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and showing how they use innovations in their job.

Stem Ambassador Zoom Assembly

We are very excited that on Thursday 11th March at 1.30pm, we have organized a Zoom science assembly for all learners both at school and at home.  It will be led by Paula McMahon who is a very experienced STEM Ambassador.  Paula has written books to teach and inspire young children about STEM roles and she will read a story about a young girl persevering to invent an amazing creation during the assembly.  She will also tell us all about her job and the innovations she uses and has helped to create.  We will be reading one of Paula's books, 'Lottie's Lockdown Adventure', on Thursday morning before the assembly.  To see this book and others please click below.  

Science Investigations  at Home

Choose your home science investigations from the following below:

  1. CREST Home Learning age 5-7 booklet - low resources investigations which should be easy to do at home.
  2. EYFS British Science Week booklet for children under 5 - lots of fun, sparkly and edible experiments!
  3. PRIMARY British Science booklet - Design your own Robo-bug (p.32) would be a fun investigation for our Year 1 and 2 children.  Many of the other investigations are aimed at older children but feel free to have a go at them if your child is particularly interested in one!

Don't feel you have to keep to the age guidelines of the EYFS booklet - there are lots of fun investigations that many children over 5 would love to do, so if Year 1 and 2 children would rather do these, then that is great.  The most important thing this week is to have lots of fun through our investigation and learning!

CREST Home Learning Science Activity Booklet

Low Resources Science Investigations

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EYFS Booklet 

Primary Booklet 

 Science Week Early Years Activity Pack.pdfDownload
 Science Week KS1 Activity Pack.pdfDownload
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