Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Welcome to Class 4

A typical Day in Class 4


9:00 - Register, do the calendar and choose a line leader.

9:05 - Letters and Sounds Session

9:20 - English input

9:35 - Group work and discovery time in the classroom/outside

11:00 - Maths input

11:15 - Key Skills

11:30 - Lunchtime

12:30 - Register, Dough disco/ Squiggle me into a Writer

12:45 - Topic Input

13:00 - Group work and discovery time in the classroom/outside 

14:15 - Snack and Chat 

14:30 - Storytime and get ready for home

Meet the Team

There are lots of adults working in Class 4. 

Miss Davidson is the Class teacher and she has Mrs Cooke to look after her (and you)  everyday.

Mrs Flint works in Class 4 but also does some work outside the classroom.

Miss Tyson looks after us one afternoon a week.  

We also have a sneaky pup called Pip. Click on Pip to find out what he gets up to!!!

Meet the Fish

We are very lucky in Class 4 as we have a tropical fish tank.

We work really hard to keep the it clean and tidy. Every day we take it in turns to feed the fish and check the temperature of the tank (the fish get sad if it gets too cold). In our tank we have some Neon Tetras, Guppies, a snail and, our favourite, a Bristled Nosed Catfish called Big Bad Barry. We have even had some babies born in there!!!

Can you spot Big Bad Barry?

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