Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

STEM week 2024


STEM week was STEMazing!


At Ladycross we had an exciting STEM week planned, packed full of interesting visitors and activities for the children to do. Year 1 made a fabulous start inspired by the book “Clean Up!” They recycled plastic rubbish into amazing artistic creations and became a “Clean Up Crew”, litter picking in the streets around school. Well done Year 1!


As part of STEM week, Nursery and Reception had a visit from a Paramedic. They learnt all about their role and even got to look inside the ambulance and press the horn for the lights and sirens.
As part of their work on renewable energy, Year 1 had a visit from Balfour Beatty. A huge thank you to Balfour Beatty for a fantastic session all about the journey of electricity and infrastructure. The children enjoyed working in teams to create a large scale electrical infrastructure and were surprised at how heavy the real life equipment was!
Year 1 took this learning and linked it with wind turbines. They investigated the power of the wind on the playground, thought carefully about the shape they wanted their turbine to be and investigated how to keep their turbine stable. Y1 then worked with our parents and carers to bring their ideas to life!
Nursery and Reception had a visit from Nottingham Police. The officers told them all about their jobs as police officers and detectives. They looked at their uniforms and talked about the different ways they help. They also got to sit inside the police van and cell. They loved listening to the siren and discovered it was different to the ambulances siren.
KS1 were visited by Lucy from Severn Trent. She taught us all about how to save water at home, water filtration and how being dehydrated affects our bodies. A huge thank you to Lucy!


Reception had a visit from a midwife. They loved learning all about how midwives monitor a baby’s growth from the size of a seed to the size of a watermelon. They also got to have a look at some of the special equipment they use to care for mother and baby, including; a light to check the baby’s eyes, a thermometer to check their temperature, a stethoscope for checking their heartbeat and a pinard used to listen to the baby’s heartbeat in the womb.


Year 2 have been experimenting with colour and looking at tiny things through a microscope with Dr Bailey. 

They have also been engineering rafts out of recycled materials and testing them. A big thank you to Mrs Martin from the canal and river trust for organising this!


Ladycross children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a wonderful time at Conkers Education Centre. Reception took part in a bug hunt; Year 1 learnt all about how useful trees can be and Year 2 got messy learning about food chains! Look below to see a selection of work from the children about the fabulous time they had.


Y2 talked to Dr Woolley who told them that the world wastes about 1.3 billion bits of food!! They talked about the process it takes to get to from the farms to our homes and ways to be less wasteful.


A HUGE thank you to all our wonderful visitors! 


Victoria Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG10 5JD