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How Can Parents Help

How to help your child at home

 We are often asked by parents how they can help their children at home in different areas of the curriculum.

On the following pages you will find some videos giving information, advice and ideas on a series of topics, including phonics, reading and maths.

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Early Key Skills

Reading Strategies

Hearing your child read

Communication and Imagination





Multiplying and Dividing


Each September, we hold year group meetings about how parents can help at home. The meetings give information about the year ahead, teaching in literacy and maths, topics covered and expectations we will have of the children.  Packs for helping with maths and leaflets about reading can be purchased from school.


Being ready for school

One important part of helping your child is to attend school every day. Children will not miss chunks of work and get behind.

Another is ensuring children have a good nights sleep and ensure they are alert the next day. Children who are tired and yawn all day are not able to pay attention and learn.

A proper breakfast is important so that children can concentrate. No crisps or pop or empty tummies.

 If as a parent, you have a view or comments and opinions about Ladycross, that you would like to share, as well as getting in touch with us, you can also visit the website 

Websites you might like to visit include…

This website if free for parents to visit and has ideas for reading at home. It links in with our school reading scheme.  We use a scheme called ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ as well as other books and stories. Alongside this we teach phonics through a programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’ that begins in Nursery and progresses through to Year 2. If you browse on line for it you will find the programme. Also ask in school and you will be able to see the materials and a member of staff can talk you through the programme.. 

Another website for literacy and maths games is..

We teach phonics through a programme called ‘Letters and Sounds’. A website that has games on that you could play with your child is..

Please ask your child’s teacher about the phase they are working in. is another good website for games that we use in school.

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