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‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.’ Computing programme of Study, DfE, 2013


Nursery: Ipads are used for phonics games and activities, colour recognition, counting and sorting and lots of different educational apps are used to embed learning. Ipads are also used during continuous provision and are accessible to the children, the Nursery teachers actively encourage the children to come with them to photocopy their work too.  

Reception:  During continuous provision children have access to Beebots and Ipads to go on apps such as noisy crow stories to work through and Chatterpix kids. Reception also do green screen work during their English lessons and have created masterpieces for their Mother’s day/ Father’s Day cards which were greatly received by their parents. 

Year 1: Use PurpleMash to complete their computing work and complete each objective, they also use apps like 'Pic Collage' and 'ChatterPix kids' to enable the children to be creative and bring their work to life. 

Year 2 : As well as using PurpleMash Year 2 use lots of different apps within their computing work. They also learn how to use the greenscreen and create a BBC news report within their English work on a brand new Indian animal they have discovered like the 'Tigli', a mixture of a tiger and a lion. They also dress up as Willy Wonka and insert themselves in the chocolate room. 

At Ladycross, we believe that Computing is an integral part of preparing children to live in a world where technology is continuously and rapidly evolving. We believe computing should be embedded across the children's learning and is something that should take place across the curriculum. 


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