Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Autumn 1

Upcoming events

 12/10/23 - Lock Cottage - PM 

19/10/23 - Parental engagement to view a phonics lesson - 9:15am 

24/10/23 & 25/10/23 - Parents' evening - 3:45 - 6:30pm 


We will be starting off by looking at non fiction texts. The texts we will then be looking at are: Wombat goes walkabout and Little Red Riding Hood.

In the first term we will be looking at numbers to 100. We will be understanding how many 10s and 1s in each number and counting in 2s, 3s, 10s and 3s. 

We will then spend a significant amount of time on addition and subtraction. We will look at ways of making 10, adding 3 1 digit numbers, finding the difference and using the knowledge of 10s and 1s to add and subtract. 

What conditions are best for growing plants?

We will be looking at germination and what plants need to begin growing. We will look at how a seed turns into a full plant. 

We will be planting bulbs at the front of the school to watch how they grow. 

Why does Sandiacre have a canal?

We are looking at local history and how this has shaped the community we have today. 


               African call and response song

We will explore African call and response

songs through repeated sound patterns, 

following a beat and the use of percussion


Structures: Baby Bear's chair

We are looking at structures, stability and strength to eventually create our own chair. We will conduct experiments to investigate the stability of different things. 

Computer systems and networks

 We will be investigating the question 'What is a computer?', focusing on inputs and outputs and how we can control computer systems. 

Who is a Muslim and what do you believe?

We will explore the Islam faith and understand how they worship. 

Families and Relationships 

We will be looking at 'What is a family?' and the different types they can be. We will discuss relationships between family members. 

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