Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Curriculum in Year 2

The Year 2 Curriculum Map shows all of the different areas that we cover through our termly topic.  We make as many links as possible to our topic to help the children make connections in their learning and to make it fun, engaging and relevant.

Our Knowledge Organisers show the key learning and vocabulary linked to each of our topics:

 1. Knowledge Organiser Lively London!.pdfDownload
 2. Knowledge Organiser Ladycross during WWII.pdfDownload
 3. Knowledge Organiser Insight into India.pdfDownload
 4. Knowledge Organiser Inspirational Leaders.pdfDownload
 5. Knowledge Organiser Our Wonderful World.pdfDownload
 6. Knowledge Organiser Our time at Ladycross.pdfDownload
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Growth Mindset

1we encourage the children at Ladycross to develop a growth mindset towards their learning and all they do in lifeThis means: seeing mistakes as positive opportunities to learn; being brave and challenging themselves to grow their brains; persevering and being determined to succeed when they are in 'the dip' and finding activities tricky; co-operating with their peers and demonstrating amazing teamwork and being independent, resilient learners.


In addition to the topics detailed in our knowledge organisers, the children also have weekly PSHE and RE lessons to develop their social skills, knowledge of different religious beliefs and understanding of how promoting British Values in their lives makes life more rewarding and the world a better place.

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