Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

About Ladycross


Ladycross Infant School is a successful infant and nursery school in Sandiacre, Derbyshire. The school was built in the early 1900s and has had numerous additions since. We have made the most of our environment and take pride in ensuring that Ladycross is a warm and friendly place, with lots going on.

We have nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 classes.

School Leadership


Mrs McKinley is the Head Teacher of the school.

The leadership team also consists of Mrs Barto-Smith, Deputy Headteacher and English co-ordinator; Mrs Hooley, senior teacher, deputy safeguarding lead, attendance and maths coordinator.   

If you contact Ladycross, then you will speak to someone in the school office.


Growth Mindset

In school we value the development of a growth mindset and spend a lot of time supporting the children in this. We use Class Dojo to help embed a growth mindset and also celebrate the wonderful things our pupils achieve to parents.

Having a growth mindset is using the understanding that we can achieve anything, we are not born being able in one area and we are not born unable to excel in any area. With hard work and a positive outlook we can achieve anything.

We speak a lot in school about the power of yet and how important it is to understand that if we are willing to try something and take a chance then we will always be able to achieve our goals.

Each week the class selects a growth mindset champion to have popcorn and hot chocolate with the Head Teacher! “Pop and Choc Fridays” have become very popular.

Positive Behaviour Change


We use a behaviour blueprint (available at the end of our Behaviour policy) which has positive behaviour change and restorative practice at it’s core.  Adults have committed to several consistencies that children can expect from them at all times. These include using a calm voice, giving children take up time and greeting the children at the classroom door each day with a smile and a high 5!

We also have a script which adults follow when discussing behaviour, which reduces anxiety and in turn helps to reinforce positive behaviour change in school.

The children are enthused by our reward system that is linked to the positive behaviour system. In school we celebrate pupils for a number of reasons, including good learning behaviours, best work, being a role model and attendance.

Children who earn enough dots get very excited about a visit to the dot stop to collect their rewards!

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