Ladycross Infant and Nursery School

Healthy Week

Healthy Week is our annual event when we learn more about keeping healthy. The children work with visitors to learn about healthy diets. They plan lunchbox meals, try different types of food and invite parents into have lunch in the hall. The children also try food from other cultures. Year 2 make fruit salads and learn about the food wheel. We have planted salad leaves and other easy to grow food. Visitors come to school to involve the children in different kinds of sport and other ways of keeping fit. Cheerleading, keep fit training, gymnastics and football have enabled children to try new sports and activities. 

Children also learn about looking after themselves and how to wash and clean teeth properly. The school health visitor comes to school and runs workshops about keeping clean and staying healthy. The children also learn about the uses of medicines and how they can be dangerous, as well as helping people to get better. 

Healthy Week also focuses on understanding feelings and what they mean and how to deal with them sensibly. Children look at pictures of expressions and discuss how people are feeling and why. They create art work about this, after looking at other paintings and sculptures.

Keeping safe is another theme that is explored, looking at stranger danger, road safety and travelling smart. We had the Derbyshire Fire Service to talk about fire safety. Follow for more fire safety information.

We ensure that after Healthy Week has finished, we keep reinforcing the messages throughout the year.


Healthy Week visitors

– School nurse team

– Travel Smart team and scooter training

– Chris the personal trainer

– Mr Mawer from Tyler’s Restaurant about healthy food

– Derby County football club football coaches

– The local PCSO

– Railway Safety Officer

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